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In Play Tips

In-play tips schedule:
Monday: 11am-4pm
Tuesday 11am-4pm
Friday 11am-4pm
Saturday: 11am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-10pm

Current Profit on the In Play tips this season: +£111.62

Profit on the In Play tips for each season:

2016/17: £1,177.26
2017/18: £593.02

Profit and Loss tracker for the In-Play tips can be found HERE!

  • Make sure you’ve got a PaddyPower account so you can back every tip we post in just 1 click. You can get one HERE!
  • Give @BetsOnAllFooty a follow on twitter HERE! This is where all of our in-play tips are posted. If you never want to miss a bet you can turn on notifications as well.
  • The aim of each in-play session is to make profit by the end of it for level stakes betting. If you’re not sure what level stakes betting is please see the FAQ section below.
  • If you’re looking for a tracker and a profit and loss sheet for the In Play tips you can find that HERE! It updates automatically every 5 minutes so the best way to get the in play tips is still to follow us on twitter. We use the spreadsheet as more of a profit and loss tracker than a place to post the bets.

Frequently Asked Questions about In-Play betting:

What is an in-play bet?

An in-play bet is a bet that is placed once the event has started. For example placing a bet on Real Madrid to win in the 63rd minute of the game is classified as an in-play bet.

What does level stakes betting mean?

Level stakes betting means betting always using the same stake. It is a way to measure profit. If you use different stakes for different bets it can be very hard to see how your bets are getting on. Level stakes betting can be used with any stake as long as you keep that stake the same.

Why should I bet in-play?

In-play betting can be used to get really good odds on certain things. If a big favourite concedes an early goal you can get better odds on that team to win. If a player for a team gets sent off you can back the team with 11 men to win and they have a much bigger advantage than at the start of the game.

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